The Task Force on Enhancing Diversity in APA has proposed several recommendations to help APA better reflect and serve diverse members. A few of its immediate priorities for APA:

  • Formulate and adopt a general antidiscrimination policy.

  • Expand APA's Publication and Communications Board data base of ethnic-minority psychologists to include other marginalized groups who have expertise to serve as ad hoc reviewers on editorial boards.

  • Survey governance groups to gauge the climate and level of participation of diverse members.

Some of the group's medium-term priorities for APA are to:

  • Consider ongoing joint meetings among APA governance groups to identify common interests, foster better understanding, promote collaboration and reduce biases and barriers.

  • Develop activities to encourage diverse marginalized students and early-career psychologists to participate in APA governance or leadership roles and to pursue research careers.

  • Conduct a survey of psychologists not affiliated with APA to determine why they don't join.

Among the group's long-term priorities for APA:

  • Conduct an analysis and feasibility study on the need, demand and cost of translating APA materials and key psychological works into other languages.

  • Evaluate the possibility of reduced dues for members of national ethnic-minority organizations.

  • Identify and reach out to international psychology organizations, such as in the Middle East and Africa, to develop joint activities related to convention, training, practice and research efforts.


Further Reading

To access the task force's complete report and list of recommendations for boosting APA diversity, visit APA's Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs Web site.