November 2006 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 37 No. 10

November 2006 Monitor cover

Aging wisely

  • A healthy mind, a longer life

    Can the right attitude and personality help you live longer? Psychologists are trying to find out.

  • APA legislative efforts support older adult mental health

    Mental health disorders among the aging often go undiagnosed in primary-care settings due to limitations in training and resources.

  • Caring for caregivers

    Tending to an ailing loved one can lead to increases in stress, anxiety and depression. Psychologists are working to lighten caregivers' burden.

  • A little help from your home

    Technology and the human touch combine to improve older adults' living environments.

  • The forgotten population

    Psychologists are testing telehealth and home-based health-care interventions to turn around a mental health crisis among elderly Americans in rural areas.

  • Testing for impairment

    Researchers are seeking culturally valid methods to assess cognitive functioning in the minority elderly.

New Orleans map in water


Ethics in New Orleans

A vibrant program at convention highlights the role of ethics at APA.

War veteran holding a flower


Coping through cognition

Advanced cognitive skills may offer protection from post-traumatic stress disorder, according to new research.

Socially isolated and sick

New animal research sheds light on the intricate ways chronic stress and loneliness affect health.

The hunt for endophenotypes

Psychologists are leading the charge to uncover the steps from genes to mental illness.

Summertime statistics

Psychologists at APA's newest Advanced Training Institute learned to use nonlinear methods to analyze data.

Medicate or not?

An APA working group reports on use of medications when treating children.

A ‘fire in the belly’ for change

A psychologist takes on the job of leading the nation's oldest mental health advocacy group.

Keeping parents connected

A recent APA co-sponsored conference examined how parents can stay involved in their children's education during the less parent-friendly post-elementary school years.

Knowing what to teach, and assessing what’s been taught

New guidelines list goals and learning outcomes for psychology majors.

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GPE Program in jeopardy?

Cuts to the Graduate Psychology Education Program will result in a loss of needed mental and behavioral health services for minorities.

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Improving student performance

Better assessment of student learning was the focus of APA's 2006 Education Leadership Conference--and of the conference's keynote speaker.