In Brief

APA members who want to test the multimedia capabilities of a Windows Vista-loaded computer or simply check their e-mail via their laptops while at APA headquarters can now do so at the new-and-improved Gurel Learning Center at APA's library.

Thanks to a $50,000 gift to the American Psychological Foundation in 1991 from retired psychologist Lee Gurel, PhD, of Alexandria, Va., the library now features four up-to-date computers, one with Windows Vista--Microsoft's newest offering that includes BluRay viewing and digital video recording--wireless Internet and two color scanners that members and APA staff can use to digitize images or documents from the library's holdings.

Gurel's gift will keep the library on the cutting edge for years to come. This is the third upgrade for the center and the first in five years.

Gurel admits that his home PC upgrades aren't quite keeping up with APA's. "In fact, I'm such a Luddite that I'm only now in the process of activating the cell phone I bought several years ago," he mused. But Gurel does stay technologically savvy enough to volunteer as a teaching assistant for a local computer course for seniors.

The upgrades will also help APA's library staff move closer to their goal of creating a virtual reference center and digitizing APA's archives for members' online use in the next few years, says APA Librarian Rennie Georgieva.