Time Capsule

1909 On Oct. 20, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration seized 40 barrels and 20 kegs of Coca-Cola syrup near Chattanooga, Tenn., because Coca-Cola contained caffeine, a suddenly feared ingredient at the time. Coca-Cola hired psychologist Harry Hollingworth to study the effects of caffeine on humans as part of its legal defense. Hollingworth's studies were models of experimental control across a broad range of conditions.

1948 The first regular meeting of the North Carolina Psychological Association was held on Oct. 23. Annual dues were $1.50.

1975 On Oct. 24, the report of the Association of Women in Psychology's Ad Hoc Committee on Sexist Language was published in the Monitor. The report condemned sexist language in psychology, listed common practices, recommended changes and rebutted common objections to change.