In Brief

At its August meeting, APA Council of Representatives adopted a new Ethics Code, which will become effective on June 1.

The process of revising the 1992 code began just after that code's adoption. In 1996 a Task Force (ECTF) was formed. After five years of work, the ECTF submitted its final draft of the revised code to the Ethics Committee and the Board of Directors. For the first time, APA members were able to participate directly in the revision process by submitting comments on the internet. The ECTF reviewed over thirteen hundred comments.

The 1992 code's basic structure remains, with an introduction, preamble, general principles and enforceable standards.

APA members are encouraged to read the new code, which can be found at APA's Ethics and will be published in the December 2002 issue of the American Psychologist. A report on the new code will also appear in the December Monitor.

Other council action will be reported in the November Monitor.