The Board of Trustees and the staff of the American Psychological Foundation would like to thank the following contributors who have made donations to the Foundation in honor or in memory of individuals and institutions that have had a special personal or professional impact on their lives:


Oct. 1, 2001-June 30, 2002

"In memory of the tragedy of Sept. 11"
Sara F. Goodman, PhD

"In memory of Dr. Theodora M. Abel"
Vega A. Lalire, PhD

"In memory of esteemed colleagues Theodora Abel, PhD, and Ted Reiss, PhD"
Dr. Jack Beckwith

"In memory of Dr. Helmut E. Adler"
Dr. Florence Denmark and Dr. Bob Wesner

"In memory of Anne Anastasi, PhD"
Dr. Harrison Gough

"In memory of Dr. Charles Ansell"
Dr. Martin and Mrs. Enid Reiser

"In memory of Carol Aserinsky"
Dr. Shirley P. Glass

"In memory of Harold P. Bechtoldt"
Dr. Donald K. and Mrs. Marion Routh

"In memory of Dorothy Bell"
Dr. Joseph G. Rosenfeld

"In memory of Dr. Martha Bernal"
Teresa D. LaFromboise, PhD

"In memory of David Bloom"
Mrs. Evelyn L. Gerson

"In memory of Irby H. Brown"
Robert A. Brown, PhD

"In memory of Aaron H. Canter"
Mathilda B. Canter, PhD

"In memory of Captain William J. Burke Jr."
Dr. Sidney A. Orgel

"In memory of Dr. Robert Callis"
Dr. Richard W. Thoreson

"In memory of Sarah Frances Colbert"
Mrs. Frances Marthon

"In memory of Emory Cowen"
Dr. George and Mrs. Joan Stricker

"In memory of Meredith P. Crawford, PhD"
Dr. Henry P. David; Steve and Marilyn Elbert; Mr. Fred and Mrs. Judith Kranz; Mr. Charles L. McKay; Paul D. Nelson, PhD

"In loving and highly esteemed and respected memory of Meredith Crawford, an exemplary psychologist who contributed enormously to many branches of psychology, including military psychology through his leadership of HumRRO for decades, and who served APA admirably as treasurer and later as accreditation officer, not to mention his grace and graciousness as a civil and kind human being"
Dr. Robert Perloff

"In memory of Henry Culbertson"
APA Div. 12 (Clinical Psychology of Women)

"In memory of Professor John Culbertson"
Mathilda B. Canter, PhD; Dr. Frances M. Culbertson; Dr. Florence Denmark and Dr. Bob Wesner; Drs. Janet and Lee Matthews; Dr. Edmund J. Nightingale

"In memory of John Darley"
Dr. John L. Holland

"In memory of the parents of Patrick DeLeon, PhD, JD: Catherine Dzubay DeLeon and Patrick DeLeon"
Dr. Bruce E. Bennett

"In memory of Carol Zizmor Feder, PhD, 1937-96"
Dr. Susanna Feder

"In memory of Rebecca and Jacob Feifel"
Herman Feifel, PhD

"In memory of Vesta Forman, mother of Jeannie Beeaff"
Alan D. Entin, PhD

"In memory of Karl W. Geisinger"
Dr. Kurt F. Geisinger

"In memory of Randy Gerson, PhD"
Mrs. Evelyn L. Gerson, Sandra S. Hoffman, PhD, Mr. Donald and Mrs. Carole H. Shellenberger

"In memory of Leonard Samuel Glichfeld"
Dr. Florence Denmark and Dr. Bob Wesner

"In memory of Max Goren"
Dr. Elizabeth Goren

"In memory of Barbara Hersko"
Dr. Marvin Hersko

"In memory of Ernest Hilgard, PhD"
Dr. Maury T. Carlin; Dr. Hendrika Vande Kemp

"In memory of Dr. Timothy Jeffrey"
Dr. Mary Ellen Olbrisch

"In memory of Professor Bernard Kalinkowitz"
Dr. Norma J. Hart

"In memory of Dr. Peter Lincoln"
Dr. Michael J. Sullivan

"In memory of Florence Ludins-Katz"
Elias Katz, PhD

"In memory of Boyd McCandless"
Frances Degen Horowitz, PhD

"In memory of Frances L. Mensh"
Dr. Ivan N. Mensh

"In memory of the father of Dr. Josephine Tan"
Dr. Florence Denmark and Dr. Bob Wesner

"In memory of Neal Miller, PhD"
Dr. Peter Francis Merenda

"In memory of Paul H. Mussen, PhD"
John J. Conger, PhD

"In memory of Bernice L. Neugarten, PhD"
Douglas C. Kimmel, PhD

"In memory of Russ Newman's father"
Mathilda B. Canter, PhD

"In memory of my parents"
Dr. Abraham Klein

"In memory of S. Stansfeld Sargent"
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Williamson

"In memory of Fannie Schacter"
Mrs. Evelyn L. Gerson

"In memory of Stanley F. Schneider"
Drs. Robert and Evelyn Perloff

"In memory of John R. Schuck, PhD"
Glenn J. Larrabee, PhD

"In memory of Paul Seligman"
Mrs. Evelyn L. Gerson

"In memory of Lee Singerman"
Mr. Martin D. and Mrs. Arleen G. Taffel

"In memory of William U. Snyder"
Dr. Joseph Kobos

"In memory of Virginia Staudt-Sexton"
Dr. Louis H. Primavera

"In memory of R. H. Stetson, my mentor at Oberlin College, 1939-1941"
Dr. George F. Mahl

"In memory of Leona Tyler"
Dr. Norman D. Sundberg

"In memory of Morris S. Viteles"
Dr. Albert S. Thompson

"In memory of George J. Wischner"
Dr. Henry De Haan

"In memory of Frances Wolf"
Dr. Bruce E. Bennett

"In memory of C. Gilbert Wrenn, PhD"
Dr. Pauline N. Pepinsky

"In memory of Sue Zalk"
Dr. Jacquelyn Gentry, Dr. Sidney A. Orgel

"In memory of Joseph Zubin"
Kurt Salzinger, PhD


Oct. 1, 2001-June 30, 2002

"In honor of those who died on Sept. 11 and in the ensuing war"
Dr. Sylvia Shellenberger

"In honor of Dr. David B. and Mrs. Alice Adams"
Dr. Nick A. DeFilippis

"In honor of Judith Albino, PhD, president of Alliant University"
Raymond D. Fowler, PhD

"In honor of Professor Arthur Benton"
Dr. Leonard D. and Mrs. Madeline M. Eron

"In honor of William Bevan Jr."
Mr. and Mrs. William Bevan III

"In honor of Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD"
Dr. Norma P. Simon, Dr. Helen M. Strauss

"In honor of Don Clifton, PhD, president of the Society of Psychologists in Management"
Raymond D. Fowler, PhD

"In honor of Christopher Earl Ebbe, PhD"
Dr. David T. Christensen

"In honor of I.E. Farber"
Dr. Leonard D. and Mrs. Madeline M. Eron

"In honor of Sandy and Ray Fowler"
Dr. Charles Brewer

"In honor of the University of Florida, Department of Clinical and Health Psychology APAGS Department of the Year, 2001"
Dr. Ronald H. Rozensky

"In honor of Louis Getoff, PhD"
John I. Gerson, PhD

"In honor of Dr. Harold Goodglass"
Dr. Celia L. Schulhoff

"In honor of Harrison Gough, PhD, for his lifetime contributions to personality assessment"
Raymond D. Fowler, PhD

"In honor of the wedding of Lisa Straus and Jim Bethel"
Dr. Florence Denmark and Dr. Bob Wesner

"In honor of Virginia Gutman, PhD"
Dr. Irene W. Leigh

"In honor of Dr. Erica Heitner, for receiving the Dean's Award for outstanding doctoral students at Pace University"
Dr. Florence Denmark and Dr. Bob Wesner

"In honor of Dr. Michael Lamb"
Dr. Lorraine Nadelman

"In honor of Edna Duchin Lipsitt, on our 50th wedding anniversary"
Dr. Lewis P. Lipsitt

"In honor of Dr. Judi Lukoff"
Dr. Joan M. Gerver

"In honor of Charles Maher, PsyD"
Jeffrey H. Spector, PsyD

"In honor of Professor Paul E. Meehl, for his many contributions to the science and practice of psychology"
Dr. Manfred J. and Mrs. Roberta M. Meier

"In honor of Ivan Mensh, PhD"
Paul D. Nelson, PhD

"In honor of Sara Shenker, MSEd, and Bennett Shenker, MD, on their graduations"
Dr. Florence Denmark and Dr. Bob Wesner

"In honor of Stanley Moldawksy, PhD"
Jeffrey H. Spector, PsyD

"In honor of Lisa Straus, Jim and their little nudnik"
Drs. Robert and Evelyn Perloff

"In honor of Lynn Pantano's mother, Mrs. Pantano"
Dr. Mathilda Canter

"In honor of those unpublished--though otherwise accomplished--psychologists who defiantly refuse to perish"
Dr. Robert Perloff

"In honor of Elaine Sackett--special birthday"
Mrs. Evelyn L. Gerson

"In honor of Dr. Harry Sands"
Dr. June E. Blum

"In honor of Dr. Harold Stevenson"
Dr. Lorraine Nadelman

"In honor of Judy Strassburger"
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Marjorie Suhs Brewer

"In honor of Dr. Richard Sturm"
Cynthia Ann Sturm, PhD

"In honor of Ruth Tulving"
Dr. Henry L. Roediger, III

"In honor of Rabbi Robert Ungar, that he may continue to get well"
Dr. Elana U. Rauch

"In honor of Dr. Barbara and Mr. Charles Wainrib, 50th year"
Dr. June E. Blum

"In honor of Mae Ziskin's 75th birthday"
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Marjorie Ziskin

Note. Every attempt is made to include all individuals who have made honor or memorial contributions to APF. Please call the APF Office at (202) 336-5814 to report any adjustments.

To make an honor or memory contribution, simply include a note with your gift indicating the name of the person or institution in whose honor or memory the gift is being made. In addition, also include the name and address of anyone who should be notified by the APF of your contribution. Please print all information clearly.