In Brief

APA Div. 16 (School) along with many other organizations, such as the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), The Society for the Study of School Psychology and the International School Psychology Association, will hold an invitational conference titled, "The future of school psychology" in Indianapolis, Nov. 14-16.

The meeting will focus on the demand for school psychologists in an era when there is an increased need for their services and a shortage of professionals in the discipline. Participants will also discuss ways that school psychologists can use their resources to best benefit children and schools.

Several speakers, including APA President-elect Robert J. Sternberg, PhD, and former NASP President Michael Curtis, PhD, will make keynote presentations. Topics will range from a discussion of the personnel shortage in school psychology and its affect on training and school children to critical issues facing children in the 21st century. Web casts of the conference will appear at more than 35 remote sites.


Further Reading

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