In Brief

The H. J. Eysenck Memorial Fund will continue its support of research in personality and individual differences in psychology with a $1,650 award. The fifth annual award is open to any researcher in any part of the world who works in this area of research.

Applicants must answer six questions and include a summary of the proposed or ongoing research and its significance and results, if appropriate (see for details). Candidates should describe why the award is needed, including a financial breakdown of how the award will be spent. Also include a curriculum vitae with photograph, the names and addresses of two references familiar with the research, and how you found out about the award.

The deadline is Jan. 31. Send four copies of the application to The Trustees, The H. J. Eysenck Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 27824, London, SE24 OWE. The winner will be notified by May 1.