For the next several months, the Monitor will feature psychology's leaders whose vision, time and financial support have made APF a major philanthropic organization for psychology.

Rosalee G. Weiss, PhD, and Raymond A. Weiss, PhD

"In all areas of life, our profession has made important contributions to society and throughout the world. APF's financial resources enable psychologists to apply their expertise in contributing to the advancement of the profession through a variety of activities, including scholarships, research and worthy projects leading to ever-higher standards of excellence while also providing opportunities to honor, in perpetuity, loved ones and one's own self. APF officers and trustees have been exceptional in handling our endowments, and we have total confidence regarding the manner in which they will handle our bequests."

After long and distinguished service in academe and various clinical settings, Raymond and Rosalee Weiss currently practice as licensed psychologists at Weiss and Weiss Psychological Associates P.A. in Teaneck, N.J.