In Brief

At the APA Council of Representatives meeting at convention, current and former members of the Committee on Women in Psychology (CWP) marked a historic 1970 "storming of council."

At the original storming, 10 psychologists presented council with 52 demands to improve women's status in psychology. In the same spirit, participants in the re-enacted storming wielded signs with slogans proclaiming women's rights.

During the re-enactment, APA President Diane Halpern, PhD, presented presidential citations to all past and present members of CWP for over 30 years of attention to women's issues in psychology. Special citations went to Ethel Tobach, PhD, and Rona Fields, PhD, for being among the original 10 "stormers."

Besides Tobach and Fields, citation-recipients present at the 2004 storming were: George W. Albee, PhD; Helen S. Astin, PhD; Nancy Lynn Baker, PhD; Martha E. Banks, PhD; Lula A. Beatty, PhD; Carla K. Bradshaw, PhD; Laura S. Brown, PhD; Robin A. Buhrke, PhD; Helena M. Carlson, PhD; Ellen Cole, PhD; Florence L. Denmark, PhD; G. Rita Dudley-Grant, PhD; Lorraine D. Eyde, PhD; Linda M. Forrest, PhD; Jacquelyn H. Gentry, PhD; Angela B. Ginorio, PhD; Kristin A. Hancock, PhD; Rachel T. Hare-Mustin, PhD; Mary T. Howard, PhD; Janet Shibley Hyde, PhD; Arnold S. Kahn, PhD; Ellyn Kaschak, PhD; Gwendolyn Puryear Keita, PhD; Wanda M. Lee, PhD; Wilbert J. McKeachie, PhD; Bianca Cody Murphy, EdD; Aiko Oda, PhD; Irma Serrano-Garcia, PhD; Louise B. Silverstein, PhD; Veronica G. Thomas, PhD; Reiko H. True, PhD; Melba J.T. Vasquez, PhD; Jacquelyn W. White, PhD; Barbara W.K. Yee, PhD; Nancy Felipe Russo, PhD; and Leslie Cameron.

Further Reading

For more information on the Committee on Women in Psychology, visit the APA Web site on Women.