An estimated 250 children and adults participated in an APA Practice Directorate-sponsored community fair Aug. 7 at the New Salem Baptist Church in New Orleans' upper Ninth Ward. APA Disaster Response Network Coordinator Rebecca Thomley, PhD, helped coordinate the event and has been involved with efforts to rebuild the community since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

In addition to learning about mind and body health-a key theme of an APA public education campaign-participants enjoyed music, carnival games and refreshments. Among the psychologists who volunteered their time and shared information on the mind and body's response to stress were Glenn Ally, PhD; Daniel Abrahamson, PhD; Catherine Hansen, PhD; ValaRay Irvin, PhD; Larry James, PhD; Josephine Johnson, PhD; Russ Newman, PhD, JD; Kelly Ray, PhD; and Rebecca Thomley, PhD.


Further Reading

Visit APA Help Center to download a brochure from the fair titled, "Rebuilding communities in mind and body," which explains the effects of traumatic stress and includes tips for building resilience.