September 2000 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 31 No. 8

September 2000 Monitor cover

Psychology goes back to school


Stoicism reconsidered

Concealing emotions hampers memory of distressing situations, a new study finds.


Man interviewing a woman in an office


APA urges Congress to ban discrimination in mental health insurance coverage

Federal survey says current laws are failing to broaden access to mental health care.

What will become of William James's grand old home?

Preservationists and a developer spar over the Cambridge home where the psychologist and philosopher wrote his major works.

Earning certification in substance abuse

Psychologists find APA certification helps their substance abuse patients--and their practices.

What's behind that credential?

When it comes to credentialing, caveat emptor.

Advertising to children: Is it ethical?

Some psychologists cry foul as peers help advertisers target young consumers.

APA to gather Internet-based data on psychology practice

Rapid surveys of clinicians will provide continuous insight into practitioners' issues and needs.

A whole new book for complying with federal rules

The U.S. Inspector General outlines steps for providers seeking to establish internal procedures for complying with federal health-care program requirements.

A unifying forum for the study of emotion

Spring 2001 will bring the first issue of APA's newest journal, Emotion.

Taking research findings to the next step

New Health Psychology editor wants research to have more impact on health professions and the health-care industry.

The architect of APA's financial foundation

Meredith P. Crawford, who laid the groundwork for APA to own commercial real estate, continues to serve the association.

Surviving behind the scenes

A California psychologist helped boost the emotional endurance of the castaways and film crew on CBS's "Survivor."


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