Known as the "test guru," Anne Anastasi's text, "Psychological Testing,"--first published in 1954--is considered a guide for the field. The book, which explains how tests are constructed, validated and interpreted, is in its seventh printing and has been translated into nine languages.

Anastasi served as a distinguished professor and researcher at Fordham University from 1947 until shortly before her death. Before that she taught at Queens College of the City University of New York and Barnard.

Her research interests included individual and group differences and the interplay of biology and environment in shaping personality and intellectual development. She wrote more than 150 scholarly books, monographs and articles. She also worked to apply psychology to real-world situations in areas such as industrial and consumer psychology, as well as in the clinical consulting room. Anastasi was APA president in 1972.

Anastasi received the American Psychological Foundation's gold medal for lifetime achievement in 1984. She was awarded a National Medal of Science in 1987.