Here are the listservs currently offered by APAGS. To subscribe to any listserv, send an e-mail note to Listserv with the following in the body of the message:

SUBSCRIBE <listserv name in capital letters> <firstname> <lastname>Example: SUBSCRIBE APAGSABILITIES Jill Smith

The system will send you the instructions you need. If you have any questions, or have difficulty subscribing, feel free to contact APAGS at APAGS. Please be sure to indicate which listserv you wish to subscribe to. You can also call for more assistance at (202) 336-6014.

  • apaemgs--A discussion of ethnic-minority student issues.

  • apagsabilities--Student disability issues are discussed.

  • apagsinternational--For international students studying in the United States.

  • apagsinternship--For students preparing for predoctoral internships in professional psychology.

  • apagsrep--A discussion list for the network of APAGS Campus Representatives, including legislative action alerts.

  • apagswomen--Discussion list on women's issues, including balancing career, family and leadership.

  • clinapags--Discussion list for students studying clinical psychology.

  • cogapags--Discussion list for students studying cognitive psychology.

  • edteach--For students wishing to pursue careers in teaching psychology.

  • newpsychlist--A discussion list and job postings for doctoral graduates.

  • mentors--Connecting practitioner students to private practitioners for advice and guidance on establishing a career in private practice or consulting.

  • psycgrad--A general APAGS announcement list.