September 2003 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 34 No. 8

September 2003 Monitor cover

What makes a great teacher?

Boy rubbing his eyes with forearm


U.S. mental health system needs less stigma, more consumer input

President Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health has recommended strategies to improve the quality of mental health services, including making early mental health screening common practice.

Driven to distraction

Demanding cognitive tasks, including complex conversation, divert drivers' attention from the road.

Lessons in resilience

APA is collaborating with Time for Kids to teach children about bouncing back from stress.

Psychodermatology's first postdoc

Postdoctoral fellow Karen Mallin is filling a gap in services for young dermatology patients.

Priming minority students for success in biopsychology

An APA demonstration project shows that early exposure to careers in the biomedical areas of psychology leads more minorities to pursue related careers.

Understanding children's atypical gender behavior

A model support group helps parents learn to accept and affirm their gender-variant children.

American psychologists at the United Nations

APA's representatives bring psychological insight to world human-rights issues.

Supreme Court rules on cases that drew APA interest and input

Justices support similar stances to those outlined in APA amicus briefs.

Who is learning disabled?

Psychologists and educators debate over how to identify students with learning disabilities.

Pondering high-stakes tests

Psychologists are examining ways to best implement the standardized tests mandated in No Child Left Behind.

Grandfather with grandson


Reaching the underserved

APA is promoting legislation to enhance mental health across the life span.