In Brief

In June, the American Psychological Foundation (APF) and Clark University sponsored a select group of 25 high school psychology teachers to attend the first annual APA/Clark University Workshop for High School Teachers at Clark University in Worcester, Mass. The workshop was made possible through a gift from psychologist Lee Gurel, PhD, to both APF and Clark University, Gurel's alma mater.

The goal of the annual workshop is to promote and advance the teaching of precollege psychology as part of the ongoing efforts of APA's Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS), says Emily Leary, APA's precollege psychology program officer.

APA Education Directorate staff and Clark University psychology faculty, such as James Cordova, PhD, and Nancy Budwig, PhD, collaborated to develop the workshop.

The workshop presenters included two former TOPSS chairs, Debra Park, of West Deptford School in Westville, N.J., and Rob McEntarffer, of Lincoln Southeast High School in Lincoln, Neb., who shared classroom activities with participants. Cordova and Budwig both presented recent findings in clinical and developmental psychology research. The workshop also included sessions on involving high school students in research and highlighted the history of psychology at Clark University--the birthplace of APA.

An opening night reception and dinner were held at the house of Clark University President John Bassett, PhD, who welcomed the high school teachers to Clark and thanked them for their dedication to teaching.

"Workshops such as this one are rare for teachers of high school psychology," says Leary. "Given the history between APA and Clark University, it is exciting to have this workshop be the latest effort that will make a significant impact on the discipline of psychology."

The APF Lee Gurel Fund provided participants with travel reimbursement, meals and housing for the workshop.


Further Reading

For information about the workshop, contact Emily Leary.