September 2007 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 38 No. 8
September 2007 Monitor cover

On the Cover:
Serving those who serve

Cell phone key pad


The work of the APA Ethics Office: frequent calls we receive

Reviewing calls to the Ethics Office shows how closely ethical, legal and clinical issues are entwined in requests for ethics consultations.

Baby monkey on big monkey's back


Teaching people to parent, the primate way

After studying monkeys— and raising 50 cotton-top tamarins at home—Harriet J. Smith is applying her understanding of primate parenting in her work as a clinical psychologist.

Insights on animal play and more

At the annual Western Psychological Association conference, scientists challenge popular assumptions about memory, play and more.

Group doctoring

For psychologists, opportunities may abound as shared medical appointments gain ground.

Dropping in, climbing back

Consumer-run treatment centers put control back in clients' hands, say psychologists.

Positive parenting

APA's violence prevention program teaches prison inmates how to be better dads.

Hunting down fugitive literature

APA's PsycEXTRA database continues to add hard-to-find behavioral health publications to its archives.