In Brief

Psychologist Terry Cline, PhD, administrator of the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), met with the APA Board of Directors at its June meeting to discuss his commitment to the recovery model as the primary framework for both federal and local substance abuse and mental health service provision. "We need to understand which elements help people achieve and sustain recovery," he stated.

While Cline supports mental health programs within the court systems, he laments that people have to break the law to access services. The challenge, says Cline, is providing comprehensive health care-physical and mental-to people with mental illness and substance abuse problems within the public health system and other hospital systems.

Cline is also concerned by the estimated 15-year lag between the science and practice of mental health interventions. SAMHSA's registry of evidence-based practices has identified 27 such practices to date. See registry at