The DSM-5 and the ICD-10-CM: Understanding New Diagnostic Developments and Mandates

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July 19, 2014

When: July 19, 2014
Where: Webcast only
Time: 10 a.m.-2 p.m. PDT
Co-Sponsors: APA Office of Continuing Education in Psychology and PsychoEducational Resources 

CE Credits: 4
Presenter: Greg J. Neimeyer, PhD

Major revisions, many of which are controversial, have been made to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. These sweeping revisions include the discontinuation of the multiaxial system; the addition and deletion of specific disorders; regrouping and reclassification of familiar disorders; and significant changes in the names, nature and criteria associated with various disorders. Importantly, the DSM-5 continues “harmonize” with the ICD-10-CM in preparation for the impending HIPPA mandates, requiring practitioners to understand the nature of the transition to the ICD codes and the implications this carries for professional practice.

This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Identify at least 10 key changes in the DSM-5.
  • Discuss at least three significant controversies generated by the most recent revision of the manual.
  • Describe the differences between the DSM-5 and the ICD 10-CM  and the implications for diagnosis and reimbursement

About the Presenter

Greg J. Neimeyer, PhD, is professor of psychology in the department of psychology at the University of Florida, where he has served both as director of clinical training and as graduate coordinator. Neimeyer teaches the DSM course in the doctoral program at the University of Florida and completed the DSM-5 “Training the Trainers” course at the invitation of the American Psychiatric Association. His forthcoming review of the DSM-5 will appear in the American Psychological Association’s review journal, PsyCRitiques. A fellow of the American Psychological Association, he is also a recipient of its Award for Outstanding Contributions to Career and Personality Research. A former chair of the Executive Board of the Council of Counseling Psychologists in the United States, Neimeyer has also been elected as a fellow to the Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars and currently directs the Office of Continuing Education in Psychology at the American Psychological Association in Washington, D.C.

Fee: $75

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