July 8, 2004

APA Applauds U.S. Senate for Adopting Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act

WASHINGTON - "On behalf of the 150,000 members and affiliates of the American Psychological Association, I would like to thank the entire United States Senate today for adopting the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act. This legislation makes a significant difference in the lives of young people who struggle with mental and behavioral health problems, " said L. Michael Honaker, Ph.D., Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the American Psychological Association (APA)

The Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act will offer needed support and resources for students in college who face mental and behavioral health problems that impact their ability to succeed in school as well as prosper in life, said Dr. Honaker. With so many pressing issues before Congress, the Senate is sending an important message to all American families that suicide is a preventable tragedy. It represents a tremendous step forward in our nation's ability to address the real and devastating effects of mental and behavioral health problems that affects far too many of our nation's young people, said Honaker.

"We are pleased that this legislation includes the Campus Care and Counseling Act, developed by the American Psychological Association and introduced earlier in the Senate by Senators Reed, DeWine, Smith and Clinton. We would like to offer special thanks for the tireless work of Senators Gordon Smith, Jack Reed, Mike DeWine and Chris Dodd and their extraordinary staff in passing this legislation today," said Dr. Honaker.

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