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September 3, 2009

APA to Publish Asian American Journal of Psychology

APA will begin publishing the Asian American Journal of Psychology in spring 2010.

The American Psychological Association has announced that it will soon begin publishing the Asian American Journal of Psychology.

The Journal is the official publication of the Asian American Psychological Association (AAPA) and will be dedicated to research, practice, advocacy, education, and policy in Asian American psychology. It will publish empirical, theoretical, methodological, and practice oriented articles covering topics relevant to Asian American individuals and communities.

Over the last decade, the membership of the AAPA has expressed a strong interest in having its own professional journal. The Asian American Journal of Psychology represents the fulfillment of this longtime goal.

The Association is in the process of developing a full publishing program for the journal and expects to begin publication in spring, 2010. It will begin soliciting articles in the near future.

The Journal will be edited by Frederick T. L. Leong, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Multicultural Psychology Research at Michigan State University. A past president of the Asian American Psychological Association, Dr. Leong currently serves as the President of APA's Division, 12 Section VI: Clinical Psychology of Ethnic Minorities.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of the current edition of APA's Handbook of Multicultural Psychology and is Editor of an APA book series on cultural, racial and ethnic psychology. For the past two years, Dr. Leong has also been Director of APA's Advanced Training Institute on Research Methods with Diverse Racial and Ethnic Groups.

APA's Publisher, Gary VandenBos, PhD, recently welcomed the Asian American Journal of Psychology to APA's roster of highly-regarded professional journals. "Dr. Leong has been an integral and invaluable contributor to making the dream of an AAPA journal a reality," said VandenBos. "He is a highly respected scholar and editor. His considerable experience and expertise will be central to creating the foundation for the Asian American Journal of Psychology," VandenBos noted. "We are very pleased that he is bringing his many talents to this exciting opportunity to further the goals of the AAPA and further contribute to the mental health and well being of Asian Americans."

About the Asian American Psychological Association (AAPA)

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