June 4, 2010

APA Announces Interactive Training Media Programs for Database Users

Podcasts and training videos will help users make the most of APA's five scholarly and scientific databases.

WASHINGTON — In response to a growing demand for online training materials, the American Psychological Association has announced the integration of interactive tools designed to assist students, faculty, and practitioners who use APA databases in their research and education. Audio podcasts and training videos developed by APA PsycINFO staff are now available in APA’s online training center to supplement existing PDF materials designed to help users improve their search skills and discover the breadth of the information available within the five APA scholarly and scientific databases.

A weekly series of podcasts, available for download from the APA website or through iTunes, and a collection of training videos, hosted on the APA website and YouTube, offer users a more immersive and engaging training experience. These brief two to four minute tutorials detail specific hurdles faced by searchers, covering a range of topics relevant to both beginning and advanced users. All APA PsycINFO training materials are available for free, and APA encourages librarians and educators to share these tools through web sites, blogs and course management software to help end users get the most value from their searching.

Over 50 training videos available on YouTube and in APA’s online training center provide quick search tips and demonstrations for using APA databases on a variety of search platforms. Examples of specific tasks covered include finding peer reviewed articles, using database classification codes, and accessing tests and measures.

Each segment of the podcast series focuses on search strategies to help database users identify the most relevant content available from APA in a particular subject area. Following the positive response to the original podcast series highlighting PsycEXTRA, APA recently launched a second program connecting recent book and film reviews found in the PsycCRITIQUES database to current events and popular culture.

Visit the Search Help and Training Center for more information.

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