Stress in Atlanta


Atlanta residents* report similar stress levels as adults nationally, with work and finances being the biggest sources of stress. But the latest Stress in America™ survey shows that although Atlanta residents’ average stress level is the lowest since 2008, their stress levels continue to exceed their definition of what is healthy. What’s more, the number of Atlantans who consider family responsibilities a somewhat or very significant source of stress is at its highest level since the survey began.

* This report focuses only on the views of residents within the Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area (2008 n=243; 2009 n=201; 2010 n=213; 2011 n=279; 2012 n=212) and the general population (2008 n=1791; 2009 n=1568; 2010 n=1134; 2011 n=1226; 2012 n=2020).
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