Stress in New York City


New Yorkers* report stress at levels slightly higher than the national average, and more New Yorkers say that common issues like money, work and the economy are causing them stress. At the same time, the number of New Yorkers who say their health is good or excellent is on the decline, and it appears that a lack of time is a barrier to making healthy lifestyle changes for more New Yorkers this year.

* This report focuses only on the views of residents within the New York City Metropolitan Statistical Area (2008 n= 228; 2009 n=208; 2010 n=212; 2011 n=243; 2012 n=200) and the general population (2008 n=1791; 2009 n=1568; 2010 n=1134; 2011 n=1226; 2012 n=2020).
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