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Build a better neighborhood to boost kids' health

May 9, 2018, US News & World Report
Low-income children tend to have less stress and be in better health living in higher-opportunity areas.

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Is sex addiction a real condition?

May 6, 2018, BBC News
Sex addiction is currently not a clinical diagnosis, which means we don't have official figures on how many people have sought help for related concerns through the NHS.

Autism prevalence increases

April 26, 2018, CNN
The CDC estimate of increase is based on calculations on 11 communities across the nation.

Loneliness can make you sick

April 24, 2018, Today
People who were lonely after losing a spouse felt better if they volunteered two hours or more a week.

What #MeToo means to teenagers

April 19, 2018, The New York Times
Children and adolescents who engage in sexual harassment, bullying and abuse can also leave their victims with deep, lasting scars.