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‘Phubbing’ ruining relationships, study says

October 2, 2015, Fox News
Ignoring someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead is leading to higher levels of depression and ruining relationships.

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How can a monotonous job be meaningful?

October 2, 2015, NPR
Psychologist says our current thinking about work focuses too much on paychecks and too little on all the ways we find fulfillment, even in jobs many might consider mundane.

Can exercise help with bullying?

October 2, 2015, CNN
There are psychological benefits of exercise, especially for teens who feel sad or hopeless from bullying.

WHO backs 'treat-all' HIV drug plan

September 30, 2015, BBC News
Everyone who has HIV should be offered antiretroviral drugs as soon as possible after diagnosis, the World Health Organisation says.

How spirituality impacts mental health

September 29, 2015, Fox News
Studies have found that devout people have fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as a better ability to cope with stress.
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