Public Interest Executive Director Gwendolyn Puryear Keita, PhD, oversees and implements policy and program development in all matters related to public interest issues in psychology. Keita oversees initiatives makes presentations addressing diversity, including culture, class, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age and disability, as well as a major focus on health, including health disparities, socioeconomic status, HIV/AIDS, end of life, violence prevention, and work, stress and health.

Executive Director Presentations

Executive Director Monitor on Psychology® Columns

  • Our Work to Support Women Continues
    July/August 2014
    How APA's Public Interest Women's Programs Office, Committee on Women in Psychology and Women's Caucus
  • Speaking Up Against Ageism
    May 2014
    What the Public Interest Directorate is doing to address ageist attitudes in our society, and how individual psychologists can help.
  • Improving the Health of Low Income Populations
    March 2014
    Continuing efforts to better understand and reduce socioeconomic health disparities.
  • Time to Lift Up All Americans
    January 2014
    Marking the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty with a reflection on psychology’s role in transforming America's low-income populations.
  • Economic Inequality and the March on Washington
    November 2013
    Why psychologists still have an important role to play in addressing economic inequity.
  • Applying Psychology to Improve Human Welfare
    June 2013
    The Public Interest Directorate uses psychological science to inform a broad range of social issues, including violence prevention, HIV/AIDS prevention, discrimination and prejudice, positive aging, health disparities, women and leadership, sexualization of girls, lesbian and gay parenting, and others.
  • Public Health is Our Top Priority
    February 2013
    How programs like the Health Disparities Initiative work to increase understanding of and support for research, training, public education and interventions that improve overall health of underserved and vulnerable populations.