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APA Takes Lead Role in Developing Congressional Resolution Introduced on African American Youth Resilience

The Resolution on Fostering Resilience in African American Youth draws on the work of an APA task force.

On May 7, Congressman Alcee Hasting (D-FL) introduced a Resolution on Fostering Resilience in African American Youth.  PI-GRO staff led the efforts developing this legislation, which reflects the work of APA's Task Force on Resilience and Strength in Black Children and Adolescents.  The resolution promotes a number of steps related to research on resilience, well-being, and health in African American children and adolescents, including coordination among federal research agencies and the inclusion of culturally relevant guidelines in related requests for proposals.  Furthermore, the resolution emphasizes the need for interdisciplinary partnerships to adapt, disseminate, and implement culturally relevant, evidence-based practices that focus on resilience in African American communities.  PI-GRO will continue to advocate for passage of this important legislation, which has also received the endorsement of a number of organizations, including the American Academy for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, and Mental Health America.