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Congressional Briefing Emphasizes the Benefits of Workplace Flexibility

Organized by APA in partnership with other organizations, the briefing highlighted research on the benefits of family-friendly policies.
On Wednesday, May 20, PI-GRO staff organized a congressional briefing in partnership with Workplace Flexibility 2010 and the New America Foundation, and in conjunction with Representatives Grace Napolitano (D-CA) and Tim Murphy (R-PA), Co-Chairs of the Congressional Mental Health Caucus.  Former APA President Diane Halpern, PhD, and APA member Joseph Grzywacz, PhD, were among the distinguished panelists at this important event.  In her welcoming remarks, Public Interest Directorate Executive Director Gwendolyn Puryear Keita, PhD, stressed the importance of encouraging family-friendly work policies as a critical part of reforming the nation's health system.  Dr. Halpern emphasized research findings showing that flexible workplace policies, such as the ability to work from home, four-day work weeks, and flexible leave to care for sick family members, are associated with less stress and job burnout and fewer missed workdays.  Her remarks also noted that employees meet more deadlines and report more company loyalty, when working under flexible workplace conditions.  Dr. Grzywacz spoke to the importance of incorporating workplace flexibility and work-life balance policies into employer efforts to advance the wellness of their workforce.  He emphasized workplace flexibility as a way of doing business that companies must integrate into their human resources philosophy.