APA’s Public Interest Directorate spearheads Healthy Media for Youth Week

As part of a coordinated public outreach campaign, the Public Interest (PI) Directorate collaborated with other organizations and APA offices to build support for legislation and highlight strategies and topics on healthy media for youth

The PI Directorate led efforts around Healthy Media for Youth Week from July 12-16, to highlight the resources that psychologists have developed to create healthy media for youth. The week included a focus on: resources for parents; the role of men and boys in healthier female-focused media; and the impact of negative media on self esteem and body image.  Links and content are live on the Public Interest Government Relations Office (PI-GRO) Web site and APA Facebook page.

The Public Interest Government Relations Office (PI-GRO) initiated the introduction of related legislation, the Healthy Media for Youth Act, H.R. 4925, sponsored by Representative Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Representative Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV).  Based on many of the recommendations from the 2007 APA Sexualization of Girls Task Force report, the Healthy Media for Youth Act would: authorize media literacy and youth empowerment programs; increase research on the impact of negative media; and develop a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) National Taskforce to develop voluntary guidelines for promoting healthy images of girls and women in media.