APA members provide critical input on Senate request on residential treatment facility (RTF) placements

Concerns about the use of federal education funds supporting RTF placements prompted Senate staff to seek input from PI- and Education GROs
PI and Education GROs responded to a Senate request for more information about meeting the needs of students served by Title I, Part D of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), which provides federal funds and guidance for programs for neglected, delinquent, and at-risk youth.  Over recent years, stories emerged of funds under this part of the law supporting unnecessary residential treatment facility (RTF) placements; youth in these settings frequently receive sub-standard educational programming.  PI-GRO worked with APA expert members to develop recommendations for meeting the disproportionate mental and behavioral health needs of this population, while also ensuring maximum stability in educational placements and creating procedural requirements for Title I, Part D funds to support RTF placements.