Women’s Programs releases “What Girls Can Do”

Helping girls combat messages that what you look like matters more than who you are

The Women’s Programs Office has released “What Girls Can Do,” (PDF, 874 KB) a tip sheet developed in collaboration with Girls Inc. to educate and empower adolescents, based on the Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls.

“What matters is how hot you look, not who you are or what you can do.”  This powerful message is everywhere – on TV, in magazines, in music and videos, online, in stores and from clothes.

The messages are powerful, but girls can be more powerful. “What Girls Can Do” offers ideas:  tune in and talk, dress for success, speak up, change the rules, get involved, and learn to be you.

For printed copies, contact the Women’s Programs Office at 202-336-6044 or by e-mail