ACT Against Violence Program celebrates 10 years on the road

The Violence Prevention Office is hosting a reception in conjunction with the March ACT Annual 2-day Leadership Seminar

Can you believe that the ACT Against Violence Program, now the ACT Raising Safe Kids program, under the direction of Julia Da Silva is celebrating “10 Years on the Road”? With generous support from the Pritzker Early Childhood Foundation, and to celebrate this important benchmark and honor all those whose commitment and dedication have made the ACT program so successful, the Violence Prevention Office is hosting a reception in conjunction with the ACT Annual 2-day Leadership Seminar held on March 11-12 at the APA headquarters in Washington, DC.

Almost 50 ACT program coordinators from all over the country and from Colombia and Greece will attend the seminar and reception. This 2-day seminar provides advanced training on topics relevant to program implementation and evaluation. This annual seminar is also an opportunity for program coordinators to network and exchange ideas and their experiences with the ACT Program. 

Participants hear:

  • Updates about the ACT program model, protocols, materials, evaluation 

  • A panel of ACT coordinators who present their experiences running the program 

  • Presentations on involving fathers in parenting and in parenting interventions, bullying and its impact on children and adolescents, cultural influences on parenting, and marketing a program in the communities