Training effective providers to serve children victimized by violence

The Violence Prevention Office has secured nearly $250,000 in funding from the Department of Justice to develop and evaluate a national training program

This national training program will increase the capacity of professionals to provide services to children victimized by violence.

APA and the Violence Prevention Office are partnering with the National Center for Victims of Crime and Childhelp to develop the Effective Providers (EP) Program, which will increase providers’ awareness and knowledge of the impact of violence on children and adolescents and of effective trauma-focused, culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate, evidence-based interventions. APA members will work with the office to assist with curriculum development and with the evaluation plan, methodology, and analysis. The EP program will be conducted by nationally known experts, primarily APA members, and will include online and in-person workshops offering CE units. APA’s Continuing Education Office is providing assistance with the online and in-person CE workshops.