Workshops: Effective Providers for Child Victims of Violence

The Violence Prevention Office has had an extremely busy year thus far, successfully conducting three “train-the-trainer” two-day workshops under the Effective Providers for Child Victims of Violence Program (EP Program) grant from the DOJ/Office for Victims of Crime. Michael de Arellano, PhD, and Roy Van Tassell, MS, LPC, facilitated workshops in Phoenix, Washington, D.C. and Chicago. In all, 82 psychologists and other mental professionals attended the three workshops. The EP-trained professionals are now prepared to conduct 1-day local workshops for mental health and allied professionals in their communities to disseminate the program curriculum, including Children Exposed to Violence, Trauma-Focused Assessment Tools, Trauma-Focused Evidence-Based Treatments, A Family-Centered Collaborative Approach and Clinicians’ Self Care. The program mobilizes to mobilize mental health professionals to adopt evidence-based treatments and improve their capacity and effectiveness to provide treatment to children victimized by violence.

The office also organized the 8th Annual ACT Raising Safe Kids Leadership Seminar at the APA Headquarters for 35 ACT Coordinators from program sites in the United States, Columbia, Greece, Cyprus, Peru and Brazil. The seminar included presentations made by nationally recognized experts on Bullying, Children, Families, and Trauma, Effective Fundraising and Advocacy. The seminar was also an opportunity for participants to network, share their experiences, and discuss ways to improve the implementation of the ACT Program in their communities.

Stay tuned for information on more events to come from the Violence Prevention Office including webinars, the EP Program online training version to be launched in the summer, and the CE Workshop to be held in Orlando during the APA Annual Convention.