The Effective Providers for Child Victims of Violence Program

Milestones of the Effective Providers for Child Victims of Violence Initiative

Funded by a two-year grant in September 2010 from the Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, the Violence Prevention Office developed the Effective Providers for Child Victims of Violence Initiative — a national training program to increase victim service providers’ capacity to serve children and adolescents exposed to violence. Specific objectives were to increase mental health providers’ awareness and knowledge of the impact of victimization and trauma on children and adolescents and to help develop their skills for providing effective trauma-focused, family-centered, culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate, evidence-based assessments and treatments.

Initially training a small group of professionals at the 2011 APA Convention, the initiative expanded training capacity to workshops in Chicago, Phoenix and Washington, D.C., ultimately disseminating this evidenced-based training to 623 professionals. Other products and outcomes include the Effective Providers Program Booklet, Training Manual, Community Workshop Guide and soon to be released promotional video. The Violence Prevention Office expresses appreciation to the funder, advisory board members, staff and consultants and all involved in the success of this initiative. The office is participating in discussions to broaden and continue the work of this very successful effort — stay tuned!