Promoting children’s mental health awareness

In May, APA will promote children's mental health awareness with these activities.

This year, Speak Up for Kids will focus on barriers to mental health care experienced by children and their families. Speak Up for Kids has invited leaders from a broad range of professional disciplines, including psychology, to contribute to the conversation with streamed talks and roundtable discussions, videos and written pieces. 2013 APA President-elect, Nadine Kaslow, PhD, will provide APA's own marquee webcast on suicide prevention on May 15, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. Please invite your colleagues, clients and constituents to join the conversation on children's mental health.

CYFO will publish the CYF News Spring 2013 issue, which focuses on bringing evidence-based practice to community settings and programs for youth treated in the mental health, foster care and child welfare systems.

The Interdivisional Task Force on Child and Adolescent Mental Health will host the 2nd National Children's Mental Health Summit. The theme of the summit is, "Changing Frames and Expanding Partnerships to Promote Children's Mental Health." The summit is an invitation-only event focused on the application of research to practice and policy in order to draw on what we know to inform what we do. The summit will build on the work of the 2009 summit. APA is co-sponsoring this summit.