Parenting in Challenging Times Series

A new film project from the Violence Prevention Office — coming soon in 2014.

By Ayesha Gaston

The Violence Prevention Office has begun their filming of a “Parent Series” — with four experts talking about topics relevant to parents/caregivers. The DVD of the video plus a manual to guide discussions will be made available to groups of parents anywhere. 

Based on results of a survey conducted with ACT (Adults and Children Together Against Violence) Facilitators and Coordinators from the U.S. and overseas, four topics for the series were identified: 

  1. Parenting in Times of Stress (with Alan Kazdin, PhD, Yale University), 
  2. Teaching Tolerance, Fairness and Justice to Children (Melanie Killen, PhD, University of Maryland), 
  3. Building Family Communications (Natasha Cabrera, PhD, Family Involvement Laboratory, University of Maryland) and 
  4. Helping Children Navigate a Violent World: Trauma and Safety Issues (Michael de Arellano, PhD, Medical University of South Carolina). 

The Violence Prevention Office plans to launch the series at the 10th ACT Annual Leadership Seminar in Spring 2014. This project is being funded by the Pritzker Foundation. 

Be on the lookout for update of the Parent Series launching in 2014.