ACT Raising Safe Kids Program website redesigned

ACT is reaching out with new materials to thousands of professionals and families.

On Nov. 25, 2013, the APA Violence Prevention Office launched the ACT Raising Safe Kids Program redesigned website. It consists of a new look and a new approach for our audience that includes (a) professionals who work with children from birth through ages 8-10, and their families and (b) parents and caregivers. The informative and catchy design aims to motivate visitors to get involved with the program by attending either a parenting class or a training workshop for professionals in communities throughout the U.S. and overseas. 

A new and improved "About Us" section provides a historic perspective of the ACT Program, how the program has evolved and its implementation model. Through this website and classes taught by trained professionals, ACT provides information, skills and tools to help parents be more effective in raising kids without violence. In addition, the website also provides information and resources to professionals who want to be trained and take the program to their communities. 

The map on the homepage shows the expansion of the ACT Program in the U.S. and overseas: We are currently in 92 communities in the United States and Puerto Rico, and in Colombia, Brazil, Greece, Japan and Peru — reaching out to thousands of professionals and families with our messages and materials. 

The redesign also features a new and improved way to access the bookstore, and research-based factsheets and handouts, APA violence-related reports, and the ACT Raising Safe Kids Facebook page where updated research-based information and current events are posted daily. 

Want to learn more about the ACT Program? Visit us on our new site and on Facebook