Release of the report of Healthy Development Summit II

Changing frames and expanding partnerships to promote children's mental health and social/emotional development.

In 2013, the CYFO cosponsored the 2nd National Children's Mental Health Summit. The theme of the summit was “Healthy Development: Changing Frames and Expanding Partnerships to Promote Children’s Mental Health and Social/emotional Wellbeing" and was hosted by the Interdivisional Task Force on Child and Adolescent Mental Health. The summit built on the success and interdisciplinary consensus that was developed at a summit held in 2009, which focused on what the research says about young children’s mental health. 

This second summit focused on the application of this research to practice and policy across sectors of society; that is using what we know to inform what we do. 

The summit: 

  • Focused on early childhood (birth to 8), building on momentum in practice and policy and maximizing the opportunities for prevention and early intervention; will draw upon what is understood about the outcomes in later childhood and adolescence; 
  • Built upon momentum for change from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which has multiple components related to prevention and positive mental health that may provide new opportunities for promoting young children’s mental health; and
  • Built upon the current public interest in mental health.