Awards, Conferences and Committee Nominations


The Public Interest Directorate offers several opportunities for psychologists to apply for committee membership, apply or nominate colleagues for awards, research funding, fellowships and participate in training programs and conferences.

Task Forces & Committees

Upcoming Nominations

  • Committee on Aging 
    The committee is accepting nominations, including self-nominations, for two new members. CONA is the chief committee within the APA governance structure charged with addressing aging concerns. In its 11th year of existence, CONA seeks full members of APA with specialization in aging issues to serve a three-year term beginning January 2014, and ending December 2016.

  • Committee on Children, Youth and Families
    The committee welcomes nominations from individuals with substantial expertise and demonstrated experience in applying psychological knowledge to the well being and optimal development of children, youth and families, in issues advancing psychology as a science and profession in the area of promoting health and human welfare, and more.

  • Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs
    This committee seeks nominations for two new members to begin three-year terms on Jan. 1, 2014, and welcomes the nomination of candidates who possess knowledge and expertise of other diverse populations such as disability, early career, national origin, sexual orientation, etc. To fulfill its mandate for ethnic representation and its commitment to gender equity, the two vacant slates are for African-American male psychologists and Latino/Hispanic male psychologists. 

  • Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns
    Nominees with experience or expertise in areas such as people with disabilities, transgender people, indigenous people, LGBT youth, especially bullying, self-identification as an ally, public policy and dissemination and implementation of reports and guidelines are sought to fill two positions beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

  • Minority Fellowship Program Training Advisory Committee
    Services for Transition Age Youth Fellowship Section (STAY)
    Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Fellowship Section (MHSAS)
    This committee is accepting nominations in two sections, MHSAS and STAY. Selected individuals will serve a three year term beginning February 2015 with the possibility of serving a second consecutive term. Asian-American/Pacific Islander and American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian psychologists, individuals with lived mental health experience and family members of individuals with lived mental health experience who are involved in training and/or providing behavioral health services to ethnic minority communities are especially urged to apply.

Nominations Coming Soon

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