National Caregiver Support Program
(P.L. 106-501)

The National Caregiver Support Program (P.L. 106-501) was created as part of the Older Americans Act (OAA) in 2000.

Young coupleProvides a variety of services and supports for family caregivers, including:

  • information about available services;
  • assistance in gaining access to supportive services;
  • individual counseling; 
  • organization of support groups; 
  • caregiver training; 
  • respite care for temporary relief from caregiving responsibilities; and
  • assistance with supplemental services to complement the care provided by caregivers.

Reauthorization of the OAA is expected in the 112th Congress (serving January 3, 2011 to January 3, 2013).

The APA Public Interest Government Relations Office (PI-GRO) advocacy efforts for the upcoming reauthorization of the OAA will include a focus on increasing resources for this program.