Texas Revised Inventory of Grief

Construct: Grief symptoms

GriefDescription of Measure: The Texas Inventory of Grief – Revised or TRIG (Faschingbauer, 1981) assesses “normal” versus pathological grief symptoms (see ICG). It includes a “Present Feelings” index consisting of 13 first-person statements. Each item regards the client’s responses about various aspects of grief-related depression, such as acceptance of loss, crying and intrusive thoughts, and is scored on a 5-point scale. Possible responses are “Completely False”, “Mostly False”, “True and False”, “Mostly True”, and “Completely True.”

The TRIG’s psychometric properties have been examined across diverse age groups using samples consisting exclusively of older adults (Gallagher, Breckenridge, Thompson, & Peterson, 1983; Mick, Sturiano, Caligari, Keefe, Futterman, & Thompson 1991). Alpha coefficients are over .8 at time periods ranging from 2 to 30 months after death (Mick, et al., 1991).


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