Individuals with aging expertise on APA groups and initiatives

Aging experts are well-represented in APA governance

The Committee on Aging (CONA) nominates individuals with aging expertise for a variety of APA Initiatives to secure the representation of aging interests in these efforts. Aging is well-represented on three recent APA efforts. Patricia Areán, PhD, is a member of the APA Clinical Treatment Guidelines Advisory Steering Committee that developed and oversees the clinical treatment guidelines process. Forrest Scogin, PhD, was just named to the Clinical Treatment Guideline Development Panel for Depressive Disorders across the Lifespan (which is the first treatment guidelines panel established). Sara Qualls, PhD, and Michele Karel, PhD, serve on president Bennett-Johnson’s initiative to specify the competencies needed for psychologists to practice in primary care.

Individuals with aging expertise also sit on the following APA governance groups. This is one important way to infuse aging broadly through APA (beyond CONA): 

  • Norman Abeles, PhD — Publications and Communications Board and Book Advisory Committee 

  • Toni Antonucci, PhD — Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest, 

  • Michele Braun, PhD — Committee on Early Career Psychologists 

  • Joan Cook, PhD — Division 56 (Trauma Psychology) Representative on Council 

  • Hector Gonzáles, PhD — Committee on Socioeconomic Status 

  • Miriam Kelty, PhD — Committee on Human Research 

  • Deborah King, PhD — Division 12 (Clinical Psychology) Representative on Council 

  • Leah Light, PhD — Board for Scientific Affairs 

  • Jennifer Manly, PhD — Division 40 (Clinical Neuropsychology) Representative on Council 

  • Daniel Marson, PhD — Committee on Human Research 

  • Chandra Mehrotra, PhD — Committee on International Relations in Psychology 

  • Victor Molinari, PhD — Task Force on Serious Mental Illness/Severe Emotional Disturbance 

  • Warner Schaie, PhD — Division 20 (Adult Development and Aging) Representative on Council and Committee on Structure and Function of Council 

  • Susan Whitbourne, PhD — Division 20 Representative on Council and Membership Board

Contact us if you might be interested in being nominated for an APA Board or Committee. Early Career Psychologists welcome!