APA Committee on Aging fall 2012 meeting

CONA met with APA senior staff, provided input to APA initiatives and worked on its strategic initiatives

The Committee on Aging (CONA) held its final meeting of the year in Octos. During the meeting, they met with APA senior staff and other APA governance groups, and commented on a number of cross-cutting agenda issues to encourage greater consideration of aging issues within APA. In a meeting with APA President elect Donald Bersoff, PhD, CONA discussed the importance of remembering older veterans, older caregivers of returning soldiers and custodial grandparents of children of deployed military in his presidential initiative. CONA met with Practice Directorate staff, Randy Phelps, PhD, associate executive director, to discuss Medicare issues, and Luana Bossolo to discuss including more aging-related materials in Practice's Psychology Help Center and Mind/Body Health Campaign. CONA also met with Catherine Grus, PhD, deputy executive director, Education Directorate, to receive an update on the Inter-Organizational work Group on Competencies for Psychological Practice in Primary Care, the Interprofessional Portal in MedEdPORTAL, the Mental and Behavioral Health Education and Training Grants and the Internship Stimulus Package. CONA met with and provided input to the Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns (CLGBTC) on the development of a webpage on caregiving and aging issues for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

CONA comments on items moving through APA governance for approval by the Council of Representatives included: greater emphasis be given to educating users about human factors issues affecting both diagnosis and treatment/rehabilitation in the draft Guidelines for the Practice of Telepsychology; requiring at a minimum some exposure to aging through coursework and practicum experience with aging populations in the Guidelines and Principles for Accreditation of Programs in Professional Psychology (PDF, 151KB); further consideration of data sharing plans for complex survey research and longitudinal projects in the draft Principles & Policy Language for APA Journals; and endorsement of the revised Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing as previous comments submitted by CONA regarding older adults were incorporated.

CONA also found time to work on a number of ongoing projects during this very busy meeting. Related to its integrated care initiative, CONA discussed strategies to promote psychologists' involvement and contributions to national efforts such as the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. 2013 plans include updating the three integrated health care fact sheets, and, if program hours are secured, sponsoring an APA convention symposium, "Training for integrated care: Real world implementation and the path forward." Related to its initiative to develop and maintain the workforce to serve older adults, CONA discussed linking with entities internal and external to APA to promote attention to aging across all levels of psychology training including continuing education. CONA also finalized its updates of the brochures, "Life Plan for the Life Span" (2005, 2007) and "Elder Abuse and Neglect: In Search of Solutions" (1997).