APA collaboration with other organizations

APA’s collaborations with a wide range of organizations extends its impact.
In this issue, APA’s collaboration with the Eldercare Workforce Alliance (EWA) is highlighted. APA is one of 29 member organizations representing consumers, family caregivers, the direct-care workforce and healthcare professionals who have joined together to propose practical solutions to strengthen our eldercare workforce and improve the quality of care provided. To do this, EWA works to address recruitment, retention, training and compensation issues across the workforce, and provide information and support to consumers and family caregivers. It also promotes well-coordinated models of care that are person-directed and family-focused services across settings. EWA believes that high-quality eldercare includes a focus on physical, mental, cognitive and behavioral health, and on ensuring that social supports are present. EWA and its partners are very involved in advocating for attention to older adults in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Recently, a letter to CMS (PDF, 1.70MB) and letters to the states (PDF, 1.82MB) along with issues briefs were sent those participating in State Demonstrations to Integrate Care for Dual Eligible Individuals and The Financial Alignment Initiative urging them to disseminate education and training guidance for states on how they can ensure that all providers caring for older adults have the knowledge and skills needed to meet the unique needs of this population, which makes up two‐thirds of dual eligible individuals. The alliance holds its meetings at APA. APA staff, Deborah DiGilio, MPH, is on its Coordinating Council and Nida Corry, PhD, on its Public Policy Committee.