APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Older Adults updated

Revised guidelines to be considered in June by the APA board of directors.

Over the past year, the members of the Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Older Adults Revision Working Group have been working to update the 2003 guidelines. Working Group members are: Gregory Hinrichsen, PhD (chair), Adam Brickman, PhD, Barry Edelstein, PhD, Kimberly Hiroto, PhD, Tammi Vacha-Haase, PhD, and Richard Zweig, PhD. The final draft has been completed. It reflects the developments in psychological practice and research related to older adults over the past 10 years. The Working Group also infused the guidelines with additional positive information regarding age and aging, focusing on strength-based approaches and normative aging. The final draft will be considered by the Board of Directors at its June meeting.

If the board recommends adoption, the guidelines will be considered and hopefully adopted by the Council of Representatives in August. The guidelines have the endorsement of all of the APA Boards and Committees who provided comments on the draft including the Board for Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest, Board of Educational Affairs, Board of Professional Affairs, Board of Scientific Affairs, CONA, Committee on Disability Issues in Psychology, Committee on Early Career Psychologists, Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs, Committee on Division/APA Relations, Committee on International Relations in Psychology, Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Concerns, Committee on Psychology and AIDS, Committee on Socioeconomic Status, Committee on Women in Psychology, Committee on Children Youth and Families, Psychology Teachers @ Community Colleges and the Policy and Planning Board.

The revision project is a collaboration of CONA, APA Div. 20 (Adult Development and Aging) and Div. 12-Section 2 (the Society of Clinical Geropsychology).