Other Aging Organizations

APA Groups

  • APA Div. 12-II (Society of Clinical Geropsychology)
    APA's Div. 12-II (Society of Clinical Geropsychology) is devoted to research, training and the provision of psychological services for older adults (i.e., geropsychology). This site includes information on geropsychology training guidelines, training opportunities for students and professionals including clinical psychology internships, postdoctoral fellowship opportunities, continuing education offerings, research funding and job information.

  • APA Div. 20 (Adult Development & Aging)
    APA Div. 20 (Adult Development & Aging) is concerned with the study of psychological development and change throughout the adult years. Their website includes resources for educators and students, information about graduate programs for students interested in pursuing this field, publications, conference information and links to other sites.

  • GeroCentral
    A collaboration between APA Div. 12-II (Society of Clinical Geropsychology) and APA Div. 20 (Adult Development & Aging), with the Council of Professional Geropsychology Training Programs, Psychologists in Long Term Care and the Committee on Aging. GeroCentral includes a Clinician Toolbox, Research resources, Pike's Peak Geropsychology Competencies, Policy & Advocacy information, and geropsychology resources for every level of training for students, instructors (more classroom resources coming soon) and those interested in mentoring.

  • End of Life Issues and Care
    The American Psychological Association established a working group to create a briefing paper on mental health issues involved in physician-assisted suicide and other end-of-life decisions.

Other Aging Organizations outside of APA