Capacity Building Assistance (CBA)

Technical assistance (TA) is another term for Capacity Building Assistance (CBA).  CBA requests come to the BSSV Program through multiple avenues, including: 

  • Community-based Organizations 

  • Health Departments 

  • State Health Department Program Monitors 

  • CDC Project Officers 

  • BSSVs

Request Assistance

CBA Request Information System (CRIS) is the interactive, web-based system developed by CDC to track all CBA requests from all CBA providers under CDC’s Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention (DHAP).

Before the BSSV Program can officially respond to a request for assistance, the request must be entered into the CRIS system and referred to the BSSV Program by CDC.

*** If you need more information on requesting CBA, please send inquires using the contact information provided on this site.

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