HIV/AIDS Program Evaluation for Community Based Organizations

Why Should CBOs Evaluate?

Limited funding for social programs means Community Based Organizations (CBOs) are forced to compete for grants. Evaluation is a way to not only be accountable to funders, but also a way to verify program impact in order to obtain funding in the future. Funders, such as public or private foundations, want to ensure that their money is benefitting the community. Program evaluation is a way to prove that your program is making an impact.

An additional benefit of program evaluation is to ensure that vulnerable populations who bear the burden of HIV are receiving the support and services they need. By evaluating your program you are able to easily identify program strengths and weaknesses which will allow for adaptation and improvement of service delivery mechanisms when necessary.

EvaluationIf you would like a comprehensive guide to evaluation we recommend the following resources:

Evaluating CDC-Funded Health Department HIV Prevention Programs (PDF, 3.7MB)

Innovation Network's Evaluation Plan Workbook (PDF, 978KB)

W.K. Kaiser Family Foundation’s “Evaluation Handbook” (PDF, 328KB)

Need assistance in evaluation?

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