John Anderson, PhDJohn Anderson, PhD – Senior Director, APA Office on AIDS

Dr. Anderson is a clinical psychologist who has conducted a private psychotherapy and case management practice in Washington, D.C. since 1986. He specializes in individual, couple, family, and hypnosis therapies for people living with, and affected by, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other chronic and life-threatening illnesses. The APA Office on AIDS provides information, training, and technical assistance on a wide range of HIV/AIDS-related topics associated with coping, mental health services, prevention, technology transfer, community collaboration, public policy, and ethics. Dr. Anderson's primary area of research has focused on the relationships between hope, coping, adjustment, and health.


Bob Bongiovanni, MABob Bongiovanni, MA – Manager of HIV Care and Treatment (Part B) for Colorado Department of Health

Bob has worked with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for over 15 years. Bob’s focus is on capacity-building programs for both healthcare and prevention programs throughout the state. His work has led to the successful implementation of integrated care services, including mental health, substance abuse, and HIV prevention, throughout the state of Colorado. Bob has been appointed as a member of Denver Mayor’s Commission on Drug Strategy as well as the Denver HIV Resources Planning Council. His passion to improve Colorado’s public health has resulted in several publications and national presentations.


Leigh Fischer, MPHLeigh Fischer, MPH – Program Manager for SBIRT Colorado Peer Assistance Services

Leigh has been the SBIRT Colorado Program Manager with Peer Assistance Services, Inc., for the past 4 years. Leigh has used her passion for public health, and background in psychology to successful provide education, training, and technical assistance around substance use screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment processes to healthcare providers across Colorado. Her work has resulted in a 50% reduction in alcohol/drug use among patients at 6 month follow-up in a variety of diverse health care settings.


Jeff BassingerJeff Bassinger – Executive Director, Northern Colorado AIDS Project (NCAP)

A native of western Colorado, Jeff has lived and worked in many parts of the state of Colorado. He has a broad educational and work background that contributes to his skills and passion for the work he does in many different communities. Jeff has been active in the HIV/AIDS community since 1985 and has over 20 years experience in advocacy, education, public policy, outreach, networking and program development, implementation and evaluation. With over 12 years working inside rural Colorado AIDS service organizations; he is currently the Executive Director of the Northern Colorado AIDS Project, based in Fort Collins, whose mission is "to improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS, and to help reduce the spread and stigma of the disease".

Goals of Presentation

  • Explain why it is critical to address mental health and substance abuse issues of participants in HIV prevention programs;

  • Describe how the state of Colorado addressed these issues from the perspective of the health department, a capacity-building assistance (CBA) provider, and a community-based HIV/AIDS service organization;

  • Provide a broad overview of critical steps that community-based organizations (CBOs) can take to address mental health and substance abuse issues; and,

  • Inform you about where you can go for technical assistance and training in this area.

Presentation Materials

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